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Over the past 10 years, life coaching has emerged as one of the fastest-growing professions in the United States, with over 15,000 coaches practicing in the U.S. today. Looking at the current landscape of American culture, it isn't hard to see why so many professionals have sought to learn how to become a life coach at a time when they're needed most.From balancing social media in our digital society to working multiple jobs in today's shaky economy, the average person alive today is faced with a far more complex set of challenges than her parents faced just a single generation ago. Satisfying every requirement demanded in today's society is a superhuman task, and despite our best efforts, there is usually one aspect of our lives that is left neglected--most commonly our work, our passions, our family, or even our own health.Today's life coach serves to help fill the gaps. And with the number of daily responsibilities constantly on the rise, the need for professionally-trained life coaches continues to grow.

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To meet this increasing demand, dozens of life coach certification programs have come about over the last decade to properly educate new generations of life coaches in the theory and practice of this growing field. Each of these programs boasts unique concentrations (e.g. executive coaching, career coaching, wellness coaching) and even within programs, instruction is delivered either in person or remotely (online and/or over the phone).Added to the mix is the fact that the life coaching industry is not federally regulated. What this means is that several certifying bodies exist to enforce proper certification standards and best practices. Some of these certifying bodies are the International Coach Federation, the Association for Coaching, the Center for Credentialing and Education and the Certified Coaches Federation.Given this plethora of options, knowing where to begin can be a challenge. One organization, however, has made it its mission to help aspiring life coaches navigate through the maze.

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Founded in 2007, the National Coach Academy has emerged as the most popular resource for learning how to start a career as a life coach. Written by Jill Fratto, a certified professional coach, their official career guide "Walks of Life" includes step-by-step instruction on finding the right certification program, practicing effective communication, building your client base, and starting your own life coaching business.Since its inception, the National Coach Academy has helped thousands of professionals through the process of becoming a certified life coach and continues to be one of the most trusted names in the industry today.For those committed to learning how to become a life coach, the career outlook for life coaches is positive. Life coaches routinely charge upwards of $150 per hour to coach clients, with executive coaches charging up to $500 per hour for their services.The savvy coach will line up their client calls back-to-back and keep meticulous notes on each client, allowing for a virtually unlimited number of clients at any given time. Likewise, the savvy client will derive more value than their coaching fee from the insights gleaned at each coaching session. What this amounts to is a winning proposition for both coach and client. This is the fundamental aim of life coaching.If this work environment sounds appealing, life coaching may be for you!

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